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Website support

Do you have a website but don't have time to work on it? Do you need to update the content on the site or fix the blocks? Turning to us, you always get a properly working site, without wasting time and nerves

How do we help sites?

Treat viruses

Any CMS has vulnerabilities that are exploited by attackers, but our experts quickly close them

Finding bugs

The site must work flawlessly, so we quickly identify problems and fix them before they affect

Design fix

Any, even the most perfect design, may become obsolete or require cosmetic improvements over time

Write texts

We will write and design news, promotions and other texts based on the information you provide

Post content

You do not have to distract your employees from work so that they post or correct information on the site


We will make any necessary functionality for your site, which will contribute to sales or website promotion


We are engaged in making minor editorial changes, writing articles, editing texts or news

Improving requests

Thanks to our work, requests will not worsen their positions in search engines

Transfer sites

Transferring a site to a new hosting or domain is always associated with the risk of losing information or settings. Trust it to professionals

Why you should contact us for site maintenance

Professionals will work with you. Turning to freelancers, you cannot be sure of the result. MEGALIZARD web studio is a guaranteed result.

You will know exactly what you are paying for. The service implies hourly payment for the work of specialists. We provide transparent reports and notify the client in time about possible problems.

What can you get for 1 hour of work of specialists

Our specialists will help with the layout, correction of technical errors, updating the content on the site and design.

  • Design a simple logo
  • Draw 5–6 icons for the site
  • Design a flyer
  • Fix website bug
  • Find a virus and cure the site
  • Make a website backup
  • Fix display errors
  • Make up a simple page
  • Create modal window
Content manager
  • Add 5–15 product cards to the online store
  • Edit and add multiple images to the site

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